Caitie's Story

In January of 2018, the Socket Lock-It™ was born. It was my first year of college and nearly every student I knew had either a cardholder or phone grip on their phone, but never both. Not because they didn’t want to use both, but because there was no way to combine the two.

When I returned from Winter Break, one of my best friends decided to replace her cardholder with a phone grip that she had received as a gift. That night, she lost her student ID and debit card because she no longer had her cardholder on her phone, and “who uses purses or wallets anymore?”

So, I went online to search for a product where she could combine her cardholder and phone grip, but, to my surprise, there was nothing out there. UNTIL NOW!

Starting with my aha moment, I have made it my mission to create a product which will satisfy what you want and need. The Socket Lock-It™ allows you the convenience of a cardholder, while being able to easily exchange your phone grips.


Caitie, Founder & CEO The Haus, LLC